Lighthouse Counsel partners with respected nonprofits to develop and implement strategies that increase mission awareness, organizational effectiveness and philanthropic support.

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“As uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic continued to rattle markets and our psyches, a group of America’s foremost experts on giving and fundraising happened to be gathered for a regular board meeting of Giving USA – and ended up shaping recommendations for how all nonprofits can respond. Their main advice: Don’t stop talking to big […]

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Client: The Heritage School “The most valuable part of the process was the buy-in that was created. Lighthouse created an environment with the team where everybody trusted the process all the way through. So, what happened was when we got the results, everyone was satisfied with the results because we bought in as we went […]

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“Remember, there are four types of no, and only one of them is permanent. The others are not now, but maybe later; no to this amount; and no to this project.” – Bill Sturtevant Making a major gift ask is a crucial moment for any nonprofit. In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, fundraising consultant, […]