Lighthouse Counsel partners with respected nonprofits to develop and implement strategies that increase mission awareness, organizational effectiveness and philanthropic support.

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Ah, the perfect world: a world where we have plenty of money to do research and make decisions based on well-documented findings that provide a deep level of confidence in decision making. Sadly, most of us don’t live in the perfect world. In our world, we may only have money for the very basics — […]

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Client: The Heritage School “The most valuable part of the process was the buy-in that was created. Lighthouse created an environment with the team where everybody trusted the process all the way through. So, what happened was when we got the results, everyone was satisfied with the results because we bought in as we went […]

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“It’s not that IRS-compliance necessity has gone down. It’s just that the state-level compliance has gone up and there’s a number of things that are driving that.” – Greg McRay In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy is joined by Greg McRay, founder and CEO of the Foundation Group. Greg shares the different […]