Lighthouse Counsel partners with respected nonprofits to develop and implement strategies that increase mission awareness, organizational effectiveness and philanthropic support.

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The “ask” is at the core of our work as development professionals. It is the critical moment of transforming a prospect into a donor. The ask is actual shorthand for the respectful invitation to a cultivated prospect to invest in the mission of the organization. It is the mid-point in our relationship cycle: identification, cultivation, ask, appreciation, stewardship. If we have learned of the donor’s interests and desires...

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Our success story

“The approach of Lighthouse Counsel was complete, based on a great knowledge base that they had. They were able to gather information and present it in such a way that the participants felt they were heard. And they then took some ownership.”

—Cecil Walker

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This episode of The Beacon Podcast looks at executive searches, specifically focused on the search for higher education leadership. Finding the perfect leader for your college or university is proving to be more difficult with tenures in development and advancement positions becoming increasingly shorter. The hiring of an executive search firm simplifies the process and increases your chances of finding a...