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Advancement In Higher Education

Advancement In Higher Education

July 7, 2019

“In terms of major giving, what I see trending is the concept of metrics and the necessity of us as professionals to be much more proactive in figuring out what the end game is for each individual development officer and how to appropriately measure someone’s success.” – Dr.Perry Moulds

In today’s podcast, Lighthouse Counsel President Jeff Jowdy speaks with Dr. Perry Moulds, vice president for development and external relations at Belmont University. Perry discusses the importance of communications and public relations in university development, trends, and the future of development in higher education.

This podcast answers questions such as:

·      How do communications and public relations affect development in higher education?

·      What are best ideas for strengthening development with communications and PR?

·      What are we looking at as far as trends in major giving for universities – and what should development officers be thinking about for the future?

About our guest

Dr. Perry Moulds is vice president for development and external relations at Belmont University, where he oversees all philanthropic initiatives including major gifts, corporate and foundation giving, grants and annual giving. He also leads Belmont’s alumni relations and strategic initiatives teams and provides leadership for marketing and public relations. Perry started his career in development holding positions at the University of Mississippi, then worked in development at Vanderbilt University Medical Center before moving to Belmont. Perry is a proud graduate of the University of Mississippi, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations, with a minor in political science, and a master’s and doctorate in higher education administration.

Twitter: @BUperry