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Cryptocurrency: Another way to meet donors where they are

Cryptocurrency: Another way to meet donors where they are

December 29, 2022

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Pat Duffy, co-founder of The Giving Block, joins host Margaret Gardner for a discussion on cryptocurrency.

Pat provides a primer on the subject and answers questions including:

  • What is cryptocurrency is and how does it work?
  • How does cryptocurrency fit into the philanthropic landscape?
  • Why should nonprofits be accepting cryptocurrency?
  • How would a nonprofit start accepting cryptocurrency? 
  • What roadblocks might organizations encounter? 
  • How should nonprofits communicate with donors about it?

About our Guest

Pat Duffy created The Giving Block with co-founder Alex Wilson in 2018 to help charities, universities and other nonprofits fundraise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

He and his team not only help organizations understand and accept cryptocurrency donations but also help connect crypto-givers with the organizations the accept crypto-donations.

Over the past four years, The Giving Block has turned cryptocurrency into the fastest-growing donation method and built crypto-philanthropy programs for hundreds of nonprofits raising millions every month.

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Learn more about cryptocurrency at The Giving Block.