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Disruptive Thinking In Leadership Benefits Students

Disruptive Thinking In Leadership Benefits Students

November 13, 2019

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy speaks with Pat Bassett, founder and president of Heads up Educational Consulting and former president of the National Association of Independent Schools. Pat has decades of independent school experience as both a teacher and head of school and advocates for change agency leadership within education. Through their conversation, Pat answers:

  • What does it mean to be a change agency leader in an independent school?
  • Which strategy should you use to make changes easier?
  • What trends do independent schools need to be aware of and prepared for?

About our guest

Patrick F. Bassett, officially retired in 2019, has served over the course of five decades in the independent school industry as teacher, head of school, past president of NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools, and co-founder and president of  Heads Up Educational Consulting, LLC., an educational consulting firm. He is a past trustee of his alma mater, Williams College, and currently sits on the boards of Woodberry Forest School, Finalsite, Three-W, Grab the Torch, and United Educators, all serving the independent school industry. 

Patrick F. Bassett is a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Williams College (’70) where he was captain of the lacrosse team, Bassett also holds a master’s degree in film studies from Northwestern University (’73). 

He and his wife, Barbara, have two grown daughters and two grandchildren living in Boulder, CO. His passions are cinema critiquing and golf, the latter for which, sadly, he seems to have a flat learning curve.

Twitter: @PatBassett