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Five Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership

Five Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership

June 14, 2023

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Lighthouse Counsel President Jeff Jowdy talks with Héctor Colón, president and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Héctor also is a seven-time national boxing champion and the author of “My Journey from Boxing Ring to Boardroom: Five Essential Virtues for Life and Leadership.” 

In their discussion about the qualities of impactful leadership that Héctor gleaned from his boxing career, he and Jeff talk about:

  • Servant-leadership, what it means and what it looks like in today’s nonprofit world.
  • Hector’s five essential virtues for life and leadership.
  • Héctor’s experience of transitioning organizations from struggling to successful. 

About our guest

Under Héctor’s visionary and servant-leadership approach, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan has adapted new models and business strategies to increase impact and viability for employees, clients and the organization. Before the start of his tenure in 2017, the organization had not met its budget for four consecutive years. Since that time, LSS has generated multimillion dollar surpluses with a $17.6 million turnaround in four years. 

Héctor’s own personal and professional turnaround began in boxing, where he won seven national titles and competed in the 1992 Olympic Trials. At the height of his boxing career, he stepped away from his success in the ring to serve God. 

He is the founder of The Champ Institute, which helps up-and-coming, ambitious leaders gain grace under fire by customizing a leadership strategy that will empower their teams and scale their success.
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