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How Nonprofit Leaders Can Inspire and Empower Their Teams

How Nonprofit Leaders Can Inspire and Empower Their Teams

January 20, 2022

In our world of nonprofits, one of the big things we have is a changing of the guard. Baby boomers are retiring and we must embrace the millennials, Generation X, Generation Z. We must embrace that they are coming into their roles as leaders.

Bo Ryles

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Lighthouse President Jeff Jowdy talks with Bo Ryles, senior director with the National 4-H Council and an adjunct professor at the University of Georgia.

Bo has committed his career to helping young people deveop leadership skills they will use throughout their lives. In this conversation, he answers questions including:

  • As a leader, what is the importance of being able to inspire, support and empower people and how do you achieve that kind of leadership?
  • How can leaders draw from their personal passions to become better leaders?
  • Is nonprofit leadership changing? What are the challenges and opportunities leaders will be addressing in the near future?

About our Guest

Bo Ryles is an educator with a wealth of experience. He is a passionate believer in young people. He has dedicated a career of 4-H work to helping young people acquire the leadership skills needed to lead for a lifetime. His work with the National 4-H Council is focused on nurturing and steering relationships that support the 4-H across the nation. 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization with an emphasis on science, agriculture, health and citizenship. 

Bo grew up in rural Georgia. He joined 4-H at the age of 10 and has never left the organization. Before joining the 4-H Council team in 2013, Ryles served as: 

  • Director of Georgia 4-H
  • National 4-H Council trustee
  • University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences director of development
  • UGA 4-H district coordinator (four different districts) 
  • UGA/4-H animal and livestock specialist
  • County extension agent (rural and urban) 
  • 4-H program specialist
  • 4-H camp counselor 

His constant involvement with 4-H and Extension for more than 40 years has provided him with a uniquely broad view and deep appreciation of the organization. He received a doctorate of education, a master’s of science in agriculture extension and a bachelor’s of sciences in agriculture economics all from the University of Georgia. 

Bo is a University of Georgia professor and continues to teach a graduate course. He is co-founder and co-director of the nationally acclaimed 4-H Clovers and Co. performing arts group and co-founder of the Clover Glove race series that provides more than 130 races each year supporting 4-H. 

Bo is National 4-H Hall of Fame Laurette. He is a lifetime member of the National 4-H Agents Association and was recognized with the 4-H Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a member of the Georgia Farm Bureau, the National 4-H History Committee, the Master 4-H Board of Directors and the Executive Board of Great Promise Partnerships.

He is a husband, father and a member of St. William’s Church. He is a marathon runner, a musician, a music director, and a nationally recognized motivational speaker. Bo champions young people, their leadership, and education every day.