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Keys To Sustainable Fundraising

Keys To Sustainable Fundraising

December 5, 2014

In this edition of The Beacon, Larry Johnson, author of the award-winning book The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising, talks with Jeff Jowdy about the bilateral relationship of fundraising. Larry shares that nonprofit organizations must recognize that what they are offering to donors is as significant as what they are asking from donors. He challenges fundraisers to treat the donor relationship as they would a friendship – to call donors in times of appreciation and not simply in times of need.

About our guest

Larry Johnson

Larry’s organization, The Eight Principles, helps clients of all sizes build their philanthropic power by fostering strong relationships with donors. He believes that any organization – large or small – can achieve sustainable fundraising. As a consultant, Larry has worked with clients in the fields of education, the arts, youth, community service, health care and organizations of faith.

Larry is a graduate of Vanderbilt and Yale. He was the advancement leader of four colleges and universities before becoming a consultant. In 2010, Johnson was named the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Outstanding Development Executive. Wall Street Business Network ranks him in the top 30 fundraising consultants in the United States.

Larry and his wife live near Boise, Idaho, and are outdoor enthusiasts.