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Legal Considerations And Planned Giving As More Than An Afterthought

Legal Considerations And Planned Giving As More Than An Afterthought

February 5, 2015

Jeff Jowdy speaks with Tony Martignetti in this edition of The Beacon. Tony is the host of the Nonprofit Radio podcast and consults with many organizations about their planned giving strategies. He is also an author and speaks nationally about opening dialogue with donors about their planned giving options.

In this segment, Tony discusses the challenge small and mid-size nonprofits have becoming compliant within each state they are soliciting. He offers that many nonprofits are either not aware of the regulations or are not familiar with each state-specific form and deadline.

When asked how to mention planned giving with donors, Tony encourages nonprofits to make bequests a priority. He believes that the relationships needed to secure a bequest are more important than the legal provisions needed to document one. He also adds that naming a nonprofit as a beneficiary to a life insurance plan is another straightforward way to introduce a planned giving conversation.

About our guest

Tony is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon and Temple University School of Law. In 1997 Tony left the field of law to focus on planned giving, starting up programs at Iona College and St. John’s University. In 2003 he founded Martignetti Planned Giving Advisors. Tony’s podcast includes interviews with authors, consultants and thought leaders about how to help small and mid-size nonprofits. Tony lives in New York City and practices stand-up comedy in his spare time. Follow Tony on Twitter at @TonyMartignetti.