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Loving Your Donors

Loving Your Donors

July 15, 2016

John Lepp

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy interviews John Lepp, donor champion and partner at Agents of Good. Their conversation focuses on the importance of donor love and what nonprofits can do to improve it. Jeff and John address many critical questions, including:

How can nonprofits improve their relationships with donors?Are both large and small organizations guilty of neglecting donor love?What’s the difference between being donor-close and donor-centered?What does great design accomplish for an organization and its donors?

“In the United States we have 1.5 million charities and not-for-profits,” John says. “And we don’t see even… the fundamental principles of donor love… in action anywhere.”

About our guest

John Lepp is a long time marketer, designer, and ranter with decades of experience in design and direct appeals. He is a partner at Agents of Good, a fundraising and communications collaboration, led by himself and Jen Love, that is solely focused on donor love.

Jen describes John as “authentic.” He is known to wear his heart on his sleeve and, when provoked, will wave his hands and raise his voice an octave as he voices frustration and opinions. In his current role, he works with charities and agencies around the world to help tell better stories and to inspire donors to give, both online and offline.

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