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Motivating And Inspiring Your Nonprofit Board

Motivating And Inspiring Your Nonprofit Board

November 24, 2019

“Nonprofit board members across the country tell me the number one reason they become disengaged is because of poor communication. And it is not communication isn’t happening, it’s the communication is not effective.” – Hardy Smith

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy speaks with Hardy Smith about nonprofit boards. Hardy is a respected fundraising consultant and speaker who works with nonprofits that want an ongoing culture of performance. He focuses on issues that can stunt the growth of an organization, including everything from uninvolved, unmotivated board members to community-relations challenges. 

During their discussion, Hardy shares his insights on topics such as:

  • How should boards be engaged with the nonprofits they serve, and is there an area where boards commonly lack engagement?
  • If a board is disengaged, what steps should be taken to re-engage them?
  • When looking for new board members, what should a CEO look for to ensure their engagement and commitment?

About our guest

Consultant and Speaker Hardy Smith works with nonprofits and associations who want an ongoing culture of performance.

Organizations across America have benefited from Hardy’s 30-plus years of experience working in the high-performance world of NASCAR racing.

His extensive involvement with nonprofit, volunteer-based, and community groups nationwide gives him a keen understanding of nonprofit and association needs. 

Hardy’s offerings include consultation and professional speaking opportunities that cater to organizations’ most pressing needs.

These include keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and leadership retreats and strategic planning sessions, such as, “Why Don’t Board Members Do What They’re Supposed to Do?”; leadership training; strategic planning; and innovative and results-oriented consultation.