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Seeing Through A Donor’s Eyes

Seeing Through A Donor’s Eyes

August 5, 2016

Tom Ahern

On this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy speaks with Tom Ahern of Ahern Donor Communications, one of the most respected authorities on donor-centered communication. Through the conversation, Tom shares what it’s like to see through a donor’s eyes and how that can help nonprofits operate more effectively. Some of the questions Tom addresses include:

How does a nonprofit go about answering the question, “Why should I give you money now?”What do an organization’s “insiders” often miss about their case that donors notice?What can a nonprofit organization do to create a great, donor-centered case statement?

Listen to this episode to learn some amazing tips from Tom on how to get people outside of your organization to care about what you do.

About our guest

Tom Ahern is counted among North America’s top authorities on fundraising, advocacy, and “persuasion” communications. He is the author of four books on the topic of making nonprofits more profitable through donor communications.

Each year, he delivers dozens of workshops throughout the world. His training clients in recent months include Christus Health, the Greater New Orleans Community Foundation, Orbis International, and the Montana Nonprofit Association. He’s written capital campaign case statements for numerous nonprofits including the Gettysburg Foundation, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, the Anchorage Museum, Bow Valley College (Calgary), and the National Parks Conservation Association.

Be sure to pick up Tom’s books, including his most recent “Making Money With Donor Newsletters” on Amazon.

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