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The Importance Of Donor Education

The Importance Of Donor Education

June 21, 2019

“There’s so much more to giving, and giving well, than just trying to prey on donors’ emotional responses.” – Gray Keller

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Lighthouse Counsel President Jeff Jowdy discusses intentional giving with writer, speaker and philanthropic leadership consultant Gray Keller. The author of Everybody Wants Your Money: Helping You Navigate Through Philanthropy, Gray focuses on philanthropy, servant leadership and wealth – and their effects on the soul.

In his conversation with Jeff, Gray discusses the importance of donor education -helping donors to give strategically and intelligently and empowering them to become philanthropic leaders. Among other things, he addresses questions such as:

·     What is intentional giving?

·     What can nonprofits do to appeal to donors who want to give intentionally?

·     What type of leadership is required to make actionable decisions regarding the use of donor dollars?

About our guest

Dr. Gray Keller writes, speaks and advises on philanthropic leadership as he practices philanthropy as a way of living. He serves on several nonprofit boards,while traveling the world working on behalf of widows, orphans and the extreme poor. He has given away millions of dollars to charities throughout the world and understands both the blessings and the burdens that donors experience as they participate in giving.

Gray currently presides over the Leader Foundation and participates in diverse philanthropic causes from medical missions to constructing homes in the developing world. He participates with the Global Philanthropy Forum, Institute for Private Investors, Nexus Global Youth Summit, Purposeful Planning Institute, SOLVE/MIT and the Mountain West Family Office Forum.

Gray believes in the power of engaging people at the heart level, then educating them at the head level to empower them at the hands-on level for a holistic philanthropic leadership approach.

Gray has been part of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising Podcast and has been a contributing author in “Family Offices: The STEP Handbook for Advisers,” “Developing a Global Agenda: Expert Insights from the Inaugural STEP Global Congress,” “Sorbet”and “The Times of India: Paying it Forward.” He has published two books: “Everyone Wants Your Money” and “Bless.” Gray has degrees in philosophy,theology and leadership, along with a certificate of professional development from The Wharton School.  

Twitter: @drgraykeller