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Understanding the Dynamics Between the Board and Head of School

Understanding the Dynamics Between the Board and Head of School

November 10, 2020

“It’s in everybody’s best interest – ultimately the students’ – that the board chair and head of school are figuratively on the same page when it comes to governance and administrative responsibilities.”

Bill Mott

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy speaks with Bill Mott, an adjunct instructor for the master’s program in independent school leadership at Vanderbilt University and author of “Healthy Boards, Successful Schools.” Bill speaks about his book and describes the importance of the head of school and board relationship, especially as it pertains to the board chair. He also shares:

  • How to build a strong board culture.
  • The benefits of advisory boards.
  • How independent schools can use advisory boards.

About Our Guest

Throughout his thirty-year career, Dr. Mott has had the privilege of working with many independent and faith-based schools. While focusing on closely consulting with heads of school and the board of trustees, he has also assisted with fundraising, strategic planning and leadership searches. His knowledge, wisdom, expertise and experience place him among the most sought-after consultants in the country. 

In his third book on governance, Dr. Mott concentrates on the importance of building a thriving culture for the head of school and the board of trustees. The impact of governance and leadership on independent and faith-based schools cannot be overstated and Dr. Mott brings years of experience as both a head of school and trustee to this discussion.

“Healthy Boards – Successful Schools: The Impact of Governance and Leadership on Independent and Faith-Based Schools” is a book that will resonate with those who strive to be a best practices governing board. This is a comprehensive resource that heads and boards will seek out for years to come. 

Dr. Mott has been the head of school at three different independent schools and a member of the board of trustees of several independent schools as well as other nonprofit organizations. Additionally, he has served as a consultant for over a decade and assisted numerous schools with governance, fundraising, planning and search issues. 

Currently, Dr. Mott is an adjunct instructor at Vanderbilt University teaching governance for the masters’ program in independent school leadership. He is also on the faculty for the Peabody Leadership Institute for Independent Schools – a week-long comprehensive institute that features practitioners working with independent school leaders from around the world.

Dr. Mott received his Ph.D. in educational leadership from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College. He also holds a B.A. from the University of Mississippi. He and his wife Courtney have been married for over thirty-eight years, and they have two grown children.

Follow Bill: @WilliamRMottPhD