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What Should We Do Now? A Discussion for Nonprofits During a Global Pandemic, Part Two

What Should We Do Now? A Discussion for Nonprofits During a Global Pandemic, Part Two

May 5, 2020

“If your work is directly impacted by COVID-19, yes, it makes sense for you to raise money for it. But if it isn’t, don’t do it — because your donors are going to see through it.“ – Pamela Barden

This is part two of Jeff and Pamela’s discussion. To listen to the fist half, click here

In this episode of The Beacon Podcast, Jeff Jowdy continues his conversation with Pamela Barden on what nonprofits can do to navigate these turbulent times. In the second half of their discussion, they address:

  • Fundraising strategy during coronavirus
  • The issue with relying on events to meet fundraising goals
  • Alternatives and creative ideas for nonprofits to connect with supporters

About our guest

Pamela brings nearly 30 years nonprofit experience to the Lighthouse Counsel team. As president of PJBarden Inc., she counsels nonprofits in the United States and internationally, helping them develop their fundraising strategies and writing copy to achieve their goals. She also taught fundraising and nonprofit leadership at the University of La Verne and UCLA Extension for several years.

Pamela is a former vice president at Russ Reid. Before that, she led the fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations such as World Relief and the International Federation of Christians and Jews, getting hands-on experience in everything from direct mail to DRTV and from major-gift solicitation to event management.

A Certified Fundraising Executive and a graduate of Wheaton College and Dominican University, Pamela recently received her doctorate in business administration from California Southern University.

Pamela is a native Chicagoan who, with her husband, lives in Southern California where snow is a destination, not a regular traffic nightmare. They hike the mountains with their dog, stroll along the ocean and have season passes to Disneyland. But she still misses Chicago pizza.

Twitter: @PJBarden
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